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Image, text, sound, human knowledge... a filmmaker must be a jack of all trades. Moreover, every 'action' and 'cut' is preceded by a long process of research, testing, planning, writing and deleting. The BREEDBEELD film school wants FILMMAKERS therefore ASSISTING IN THEIR CREATION PROCESS through a mix of creative workshops, feedback, processes, information and presentation moments. EXPERIENCE put on, CONNECTIONS lay it down and move onPROFESSIONALIZATION of your film practice are central. The film school is not an alternative film education, but a range of separate initiatives in which you can freely participate in what appeals to you.

*** PROGRAM ***​

OPEN SCREEN BRUGES (4 October, Lumière, Bruges)

OPEN SCREEN MECHELEN (12 December, Lumière Mechelen)

OPEN SCREEN GHENT (January 16, Sphinx, Ghent)

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