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Melt into the warm seats of De Cinema in De Studio in Antwerp for BREEDBEELD short film festival, an annual festival for short films that is in its 11th edition this year. 


Our short film festival focuses on Belgian short films by emerging talent. You will see short films by promising film students, independent filmmakers and self-willed artists. All competition films were largely made with our own resources, without VAF support or wildcard budget. 


The result is a wide range of short films in a program that combines fiction with animation, documentary, crossovers and more experimental or committed cinema, from November 2 to 5 in De Studio, in the heart of Antwerp. The festival is an organization of BREEDBEELD, a support center for (yet) non-professional image makers.

Competition films

Short film is the film form par excellence with which filmmakers take their first steps in the film world, where there is a lot of freedom and room for experiment. With the short film festival, BREEDBEELD wants to give emerging talent the platform they deserve. The BREEDBEELD short film festival will include fiction and animation, documentary as experimental work, a selection made on the basis of an open call. Submission is free. The main condition for the competition films is that they are made in-house. This can be within or outside a film training course, that is not important, as long as the films are made without VAF subsidy and not commissioned by a production house or other company.One channel were produced - that is where we draw the line between professional and non-professional for the festival. There are prizes to be won for best fiction, best documentary, best animation, best film by a filmmaker without a film education at an art college and an audience award. A check for €1000 is available for the winners in the various categories. 


Out of competition

If you suddenly feel like making a film yourself: that is completely normal. We attach great importance to inspiring other makers. That is why, starting this year, you can follow a number of master classes and workshops that will help you realize that ambition.


Sound is half of a film, which is why you can watch short films accompanied by live music in our musical program. The composers who come along are another surprise... So this one is for the daredevils.


And we are certainly not the only people who want to get you interested in short films. That is why we invite three other organizations to complete a short film block based on their own vision. The curators of these guest programs are, film magazine Fantômas and Ghent's short film festival CUT TO: GENT.



The BREEDBEELD Short Film Festival is an initiative of BREEDBEELD. BREEDBEELD is a support center for everyone who is not (yet) professionally involved in film, photography or media art in Flanders. We support, inform, inspire and connect image makers through festivals such as this, but also through workshops within the BREEDBEELD film school, through exhibitions, publications and online content.


Ben Verrept

03 289 12 05

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